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  • Member Spotlight Rachael

    Member Spotlight Rachael

    As an adult, my fitness commitment has waxed and waned, but generally I've always been active: Hiking, trail running, gym three times a week with 5k on the treadmill and then the 30 minute weight circuit. A few years ago I became ill with something that would turn out to be chronic, and it took me completely out of the gym. I would start hikes and be so overcome with fatigue that I would have to turn back and wonder if I was going to make it down the hill. Fast forward two years and I came to the realization that if this is what I was given to work with, I was going to have to work with it. Then Covid came. And then school – bumped into double-time after having to close for Covid ....

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  • Grand Re-Opening!!!  Happy 5 Year Anniversary to US!

    Grand Re-Opening!!! Happy 5 Year Anniversary to US!

    Please reach out to us for more information on how to get started and book a FREE TRIAL CLASS! :) We will turn 5 on August 20th! I cannot believe that much time has gone by! We are so thankful for each and every one of you. Without your dedication we'd not have much to celebrate. Over the past year we have strived to fulfill your needs in order for you to be your best self. We promise to keep it going year 5 and on! It is our mission to educate you in healthy life time changes, to be the standard of excellence in functional fitness, and to do everything possible to encourage the best out of each of you. We help busy professionals, moms & dads live a healthy lifestyle for ....

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  • Motivation VS Discipline

    Motivation VS Discipline

    Motivation Motivation comes from the natural human drive to achieve something. Motivation doesn't last forever no matter how much you want something. It's a temporary effect created by the brain to boost you in the right direction. Discipline Discipline is the ability to continue pushing in the right direction when you no longer have motivation doing it for you. Discipline is far more important than motivation and you should never rely on motivation only. Motivation gets you started, discipline keeps you going. Do you agree? Make sure you send us your contact information if you'd like to redeem your 2 week trail. Check out our Instagram Page ! ....

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  • Try before you buy

    Try before you buy

    It's time to, Try Before You Buy!!! Our 2 week trial option is the WAY to GO! You’ll experience unlimited classes for 2 weeks from the day you start your trial membership. There are no strings attached. After your time is up you can walk away. You most likely won’t because you’ll: 1) be feeling better 2) have more energy 3) have lost a few pounds 4) have begun to make new friends 5) have learned a few new things about healthy eating Our classes are 60 minutes in length led by a coach the entire time. You’ll be supported by the coach during the class to move safely and to your ability level. We are judgement free. The other members working out alongside you will be ....

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  • Getting Back on the Horse!

    Getting Back on the Horse!

    We all have set backs. You might be enduring one right now. That's perfectly okay. It's normal. What's also normal is taking action to improve and bounce back from the things that create chaos, overwhelm, and lack of time in our lives. The coaches at Strong Together Byram are here to help you get back on the horse. Now, we are not doctors, or therapists of any kind, yet we do have life experience and manage taking care of ourselves with minimal or minor set backs because of this. We have a set of tools to go to when things start to get shaky . . . and we want to help you learn those tools. Jumping back into or starting an exercise routine is one of those tools. If this is planned into your ....

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  • Going on vacation this summer?

    Going on vacation this summer?

    Going on vacation this summer? Before every vacation I have an uneasy feeling about how it will go as far as my fitness and nutrition. Vacations are great, yet they can very easily ruin my progress, break me from my consistency, and have me falling back into poor habits/choices when it comes to food. Should you enjoy your trip, try new foods, stay up a little later at night? Yes, but within reason to keeping yourself working toward your goal(s). When you're setting to go on vacation do you have the same thoughts and worries? Guess what! You and I are both in for a tremendous treat! We have a Vacation Survival Guide that helps you stay on track with nutritional tips, on the go workouts, ....

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  • Bryan's Success!

    Bryan's Success!

    Congratulations Bryan! Hard work pays off. He has these results to this day! I made the decision to stop the Covid procrastination and get back into CrossFit. After plenty of blood, sweat, and tears I’m sure glad I did. These 3 photos are Sept 2021, June 2022, and Sept 2022. 40 pounds gone, I look better, I feel a lot better, heck dealing with people at work is a whole lot easier when you don’t have 40 lbs of fat on your stomach. I want to thank all of Coaches Greg, Alyssa, Amy, Kara, Jan, and Elena for kicking my butt for an hour plus each class. And a thank you to everyone I have worked out with, partnered with, competed in competition with, or just talked with. And thank ....

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  • Nutrition Coaching

    Nutrition Coaching

    Nutrition Coaching at Strong Together Byram Join our Nutrition Coaching Program. 12 weeks long. Set up an appointment by requesting more information right here on the site! We will go over your goals and get you started. You will be proud of your results, have more energy, feel better during your workouts, etc! It's designed so you: Achieve your wanted results. Become unstuck. Learn more about your body and what it needs or doesn’t need. What do you get? One on one customization of meals Detailed education on eating to your macros Daily conversation with your one on one coach as well as your coach tracking all your data for you to move you through the program at a pace ....

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  • Reflections from One of Our Longest Members!

    Reflections from One of Our Longest Members!

    Wendy has been a member since day 1 making her 4 plus years stronger than she was before. I was at a point in my life where my clothes were getting quite tight, and I refused to buy a bigger size. I needed something to jump-start my fitness. I was running but not as diligent as I once was. I had fallen out of a gym routine and was not taking classes as consistently as I should have been. Scrolling through Facebook, I saw this advertisement that caught my eye! Is it possible to lose weight by taking part in a 6-week challenge? I called the number and had a great conversation with Coach Kara. She explained how it all works and welcomed me in for a trial. I bit the bullet and gave the ....

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  • Head to Our Instagram Page

    Head to Our Instagram Page

    Do you want to see what we are all about? Check us out on Instagram @stfbyram You will be able to do this! Many people come to us with doubts and fears about starting an exercise routine. That's okay, we understand, it is normal. "I'm not going to be able to keep up; I have to get in shape first some other way before I start here." "Everyone is going to be looking at me." "What if I can't do the exercise that is planned for the day?" Does this sound like you? We've got you! These feelings will soon disappear and feelings of ability, strength, and determination to do more will arise. Hopefully looking at our Instagram page has made you more comfortable to take the next step and ....

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